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Rambling Thoughts

Everything is a choice.

Our thoughts are things.

If you don’t like your reality, check your identity.

Be intentional.

You can be anything you decide to be.

This all seems like sound advice and it is!  But a little positive advice, can’t change a lifetime of negative thoughts.

It takes a lot of effort to become what you want to become.

You have to be extremely deliberate and consistent.

I’ve always been the kind of gal that would rather get shit done and not talk about it #noprocrastination

But as I am on my journey of Becoming Wildly Well, there’s one over arching theme that keeps popping up and that’s that ‘EVERYTHING takes time.’ & that’s the damn truth!

For me, that’s like a slap in the face. It sucks because I know for as long as I can remember that as long as I drive on something, shit gets done… period, no questions asked.

But that just isn’t the case with everything!

When you are starting a journey, there are so many variables and unknowns. If you just drive through, you will end up at the wrong destination.

That’s why I want to write to myself and give advice to any of you listening:

SLOW THE HECK DOWN. Be intentional, think about things.

It’s okay if it takes you a little longer to reach the destination.. it’s better to take a little longer than to either 1. NEVER ARRIVE or 2. ARRIVE AND HAVE TO TURN BACK AROUND TO START OVER.

My mission is to create my reality. I want to manifest everything in my life and believe that with God and my ability to hustle and believe, I will receive… #manifestinggangsta

But what I haven’t quite been able to grasp is why it all isn’t happening already…

And that’s because great things take time. 

I still have limiting beliefs about what can be achieved so I will continue to have limited resources.

Each day I get better and each day I become a little more Wildly Well. There’s never an ending. Always room for improvement for all of us!

Just like my flower bed I put in. I spent an entire day digging and planting. That was the easy part. But a few weeks later, consistently watering it every night… My plants are blooming!!!

That’s what I hope for you. I hope you spend more time watering yourself and your mind.

The first thing I do each day when I wake up  is give gratitude for everything in my life. When I wake up with gratitude, it makes such a difference in my attitude!

I encourage you to start your journey to Becoming Wildly Well today. Whatever that is to you, do it!

STOP worrying about what you are ‘supposed’ to do, when you do that then life happens TO you!

START thinking about what you are ‘called’ to do, then life will happen FOR you! 


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