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I Have A Condition…

Yep, you heard it! I have a condition, diagnosed by YOURS TRULY (;

But honestly, it’s about to get really real.

So…  I have these terrible voices in my head ALL of the time. They stop me from making a break through. Just speaking the truth.

I am conditioned to always think about ‘What COULD go wrong?’ instead of ‘What COULD go so right?’

It is a really terrible disease. I am calling it the ‘post traumatic over worrier disorder’ – Okay, I just made that up but you get it.

I’ve never really vocalized some of the things I am about to say but I am getting out of that comfort zone, for real!

My dad and mom (bless them because I love them no matter what, damn it! lol)

Oh yeah, my dad and mom since I can remember have always talked about what’s wrong. They always find out why they can’t do something, why it won’t work, and why it will fail.. so they hardly ever try! (But guess what? When they do, they usually kick ass!)

But you know they say that how you are raised DRASTICALLY impacts who you are as an adult.

I have denied it for awhile not going to lie. Like it sounds like bullshit to me. My two other brothers would always say ‘you think this way, because of xyz and I’ve been like guys TAKE A CHILL PILL. I think that way because that’s just the way I think, I mean duh!

But a few years later, A LOT more time spent self reflecting and I see it! (Don’t tell them because I am the little sis that is ALWAYS right)

So since self diagnosing my ‘post traumatic over worrier disorder’ (Lol again),I have been working on a treatment because that’s what real doctors do, duh(;

Guess where I found the treatment?

THROUGH MYSELF! Yep, it was really that simple. I realized it and so now, I work on it daily.

I do my daily routine and I CREATE my reality. (Trust me, I am still WAY WAY WAY off from where I want to be but I am getting closer everyday).

I found out that I can create my REALITY! Whatever I want to be true, I wake up every freaking morning believing it.

I HAVE to be intentional and consistent with it too because remember I still have a lot of work to do.

If I skip just one day, I start going through the ‘what if this, this and this doesn’t work’ & my condition worsens.


It isn’t all bad. I SAVE a lot of peoples’ asses by asking the REAL QUESTIONS that they are avoiding. I am always dissecting to make sure it’s the right choice. I do my damn research and that’s okay! I am a realist & it’s okay to see things how they are!

But if we always see things as they are, what will ever BE? The same damn thing over and over & who wants that? NOT ME!

I believe we can all create the character in our head of what we want and who we want to be. Then we have to be CONSISTENT (I hate that word but it’s the most powerful).

Once we create it, become consistent at believing it, then big things will be right there in front of you. We have to work on our #INSIDESFIRST!

I am going to create my OWN reality, watch me or join me!


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