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I’m Brandi Gilstrap. 

I help ambitious women launch and scale their business through my Self, Soul and Strategy Framework.

Do you know you’re made for more and you’re ready to get out of your own way, take messy action on your dreams and make a way or find a way, no matter what? You’re in the right place.


I am a Business Mentor, a Mindset & Sales Coach, and I can help you become both WILDLY Well and Wealthy in the pursuit of your purpose and profit. 

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Hey there, I see you!

Are you ready to take action?
Here's how we can work together:
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Discovery Call 

Not sure where to start? Schedule a 15 min call to gain clarity and direction. 

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Becoming Unstoppable Mastermind 

This mastermind is held ONLY two times a year and is for the new to beginning entrepreneur ready to FINALLY make an income and an impact 

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1:1 Coaching


Are you looking for a high touch level of support to help you own your story, grow your business and create a life of impact? 


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Brand Story Accelerator 

This is for the established entrepreneur ready to tell their story and create a life of impact and meaning beyond their wildest dreams 

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Our Process 

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Just like you, I have a story to tell that made me who I am today. I believe your story is your superpower. After graduating from Price College of Business, running three companies, working in corporate America and healing from a whole lot, I have made it my mission to help ambitious women like you to break free from self doubt, imposter syndrome and inaction so they can become BOTH Wildly WELL AND WEALTHY in the pursuit of their purpose and passions. 

Ready to tell your story and pursue your purpose? 
Learn more here!

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Book a discovery call
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When we stop hiding from what hurts us, we start a lifelong journey of healing and BECOMING all we were called to be

-Brandi Gilstrap

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What Clients AreSaying 

“Being part of the Becoming Unstoppable Mastermind has allowed me to find myself. Not only that but to find the resources I needed to elevate my career and my coaching business. The women on the group have been so inspiring!” - Alma 

“Exactly what I needed in this time in my business. I have been serving for far too long without knowing my worth. This mastermind helped me overcome imposter syndrome and start charging for the work I put out and how I serve my clients.” - Stephanie 

“This mastermind encouraged me to dive deep into what it was that my true self needed to show up as the best version of myself. I am now able to define what my values are as a brand and a business (because YES those ARE different!) I now know how to listen when my work is not aligning with my highest self and how to tap into what is really igniting my fire" - Bethany

“My coaching experience with Brandi was transformative. She got directly to the heart of my issues, something I don't think I even understood myself, within our first session. Then, she continued to hold space for me every single week while still encouraging me to use what I was learning about myself to make tiny improvements in my life. I have a better idea of who I am, what I need, and how I can best show up for myself every day. I've always been a doer - I can check off lists and read books and create action plans all day long, but I struggled to slow down, stay in touch with my emotions, and take good care of myself so that I am even able to take care of my family. Brandi's tools, extensive knowledge, and most of all her compassion made it possible for me to make some changes in my life that are already serving me better and bringing more joy and purpose to my daily existence. ” - Sarah T.

"Brandi is incredibly gifted in reading between the lines - right through into your soul. She is one of the very few people I know who will not only smell the BS right away, but she also won’t let you get away with excuses, that you don’t even realize you are telling yourself. I have fooled myself and many others with my insecurities and excuses, but not her. I must be honest: I didn’t have much hope for overcoming my greatest fears I was facing for 20 years. I can’t believe I have let other people’s (imaginary?) expectations override my own judgement for years! Thank you, Brandi, you are THE go-to person for facing fears. Meeting and working with you was a blessing!.” - Krystina

"I resonated with Brandi's story and felt a connection to the pain points she has overcome. I thought if this girl is just one chapter ahead of me and could help me move on a chapter I'll get something out of it. I got so much out of my time with her. I honestly didn't realize how much my life could change in a short amount of time. She helped push me to feel everything I needed to feel and gain so much introspection. There were so many levels of pain and avoidance I had been holding onto for years. I am blown away by how quickly and efficiently her process is set up to help you discover what's holding you back. You have to do the work, there is no short cut. Brandi is right there with you and encouraging you to do the work and helps you feel validated and loved and worthy through all the mess. I am blown away by her gentle heart that manages to love on you while also helping advocate for you to push yourself for more." - Shannon


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