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Friends, this page is by far the MOST important to me. I know the pain, loneliness, anxiety and worry that go along with being a caregiver, family member or friends of someone experiencing mental illness and or in active addiction. 

Regardless if you are ready to purchase my program or not, I will provide resources, support, prevention tips, and advocate for you and your family member or friend as if they were my very own. 


In addition to resources for those experiencing a crisis with a loved one, I will be providing self care tips including advocating for yourself and your boundaries as well as taking care of your mind, body and spirit.

 Finding Peace During Chaos

HEY I get it. It seems like you are always solving the next big problem or crisis. When we experience chaos around us, it can be hard to find the peace of mind needed. You deserve it. So let's get started!


I've created a free resource with '5 Tips for Finding Peace During Chaos.'

Yoga at Home

Finding Peace

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