I’m Brandi Gilstrap. 

Personal Development Junkie.  Encourager, Mental Health Advocate, Recovering Codependent, and the Loyalist- the friend that’s always there. Once we’re friends, I will never let you go. 


Welcome to my space where you are accepted as you are and where we celebrate all that you are BECOMING. 


I’m a recovering perfectionist, a detail and logistics nerd and often an over analyzer of all things (You know the girl that needs three options on the menu? That’s me!) I’m a dog mama to a six-pound rescue pup named Lola. A wife to the most amazing human on earth. A sister to the two best brothers on the planet. & the thing I’ve identified with most is the daughter of two amazing humans that struggle with addiction and mental health.  I’m an advocate for all things self care and mental health. 


Growing up in a family with addiction and severe mental illness, I have seen with my own two eyes what neglecting your self care and mental health can do to your mind, body and spirit. 


Yep, I said it. We can share our truth because first of all it’s freeing but more importantly it’s healing. 


It took me 25 years to admit that I was a product of an addicted and mentally ill family. But now that it’s out there, I have taken massive action into healing and becoming all I want to be.


& Guess what is even more exciting?




I’m here for you friend.  We can get through the hard stuff, we can address the learned behaviors growing up around addiction instead of trying to suppress so we can heal and become not just well but WILDLY WELL! 


I want to help you heal from your pain and use it for purpose. I want to serve you friend. I have a lifetime of experience dealing with chaos, pain, hurt, and hiding behind it all. If I have one mission in this life, it’s to help free YOU from the behaviors and habits that have kept you stuck and unfulfilled, to teach you new behaviors of caring for YOU and to watch you grow into all you were made to be. 



If you’re tired of avoiding, minimizing and numbing your pain then let’s talk!

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When we stop hiding from what hurts us, we start a lifelong journey of healing and BECOMING 

-Brandi Gilstrap

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